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L-BASE is a Bio Venture aiming at peptide based new drug development.
We are expanding our pipeline through steady R&D since establishment.

Among the target markets for Peptide based drug, anticancer market has high development potential and is getting bigger and bigger as large number patient suffering cancer. And it is necessary to develop anticancer drugs which can overcome the weakness of existing anti-cancer drugs. By 2020 worldwide anticancer drug market will be growing up to150 billion dollar. Currently half of anticancer market is target therapy which is superior to chemotherapy in terms of side effect. But drug resistance of target therapy is another big unmet needs in cancer treatment. One of the Cancer Testis Antigen, CAGE antigen which was discovered by our scientist in 2002 is related to cancer drug resistance. Our peptide pipeline, LB101 and LB102 control the function of CAGE effectively. Therefore we are trying to develop LB 101 and LB 102 as a new drug for treatment of drug resistance of target therapy and chemotherapy.

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