Overview Research
We are developing new concept of anti-cancer peptide drugs using well organized network with many universities and institutional research centers.

LB101 and LB102 have anti-cancer activity by controlling CAGE (Cancer/testis antigen) function.
And with these pipeline,
we are developing new drugs to overcome drug resistance in lung, breast, and gastric cancers.
We are expecting we can provide unique solution for cancer drug resistance through new approach by CAGE related mechanism. Also we have several patents on pipelines and continue to apply patents. To speed up our goal, we are conducting several national research programs.


Our final goal is to be Global pharmaceutical company specialized in anti-cancer drug which overcome drug resistance. To achieve this goal, we are seeking partnership with other world-wide companies and academic entities.

R&D center of L-BASE will do best to provide new solution for life extension and quality of life of patients who are suffering from cancer especially cancer drug resistance.

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