Core Values

Core Values

At L-Base, we are dedicated to fulfill our mission and strive to become a company with globally selling innovative drugs.

  • Integrity & Accountability
  • Honesty & Fairness
  • Ingenuity & Innovative
  • Synergy & Collaboration
  • Passion & Dedication


By creating a team consisting of people with abundant knowledge and expertise, combining innovation and teamwork, we can challenge anything and complete our mission


  • Challenge
    One who challenges

    New drug development process
    does not complete in short time.
    It is uneasy long lourney to find a new
    solution while facing with unpredictable
    blockade. In order to develop innovative
    new drugs, we must persistently take on
    challenges with positive mind and
    without losing hope and giving up.

  • Innovative
    One who seeks innovation
    with creative thinking and open mind

    To achieve solution with creativity,
    we have to think outside the box and
    search for new perspective & approach.
    We must solve issues with creative
    thinking through reasoning from new
    perspective and approach with open mind.

  • Teamwork
    One who collaboration with
    responsibility and respect

    Life science based new innovative drug
    development requires collaboration of
    people who have multiple capabilities.
    We have to collaborate with respect
    toward one another, and everyone who
    participates must take responsibility
    to bear fruit from that collaboration.

  • The right “calling”
    One who work with a strong sense of “calling”.

    Having only a “job” for living, or a “career”
    for growth is not adequate for the journey
    of a new drug development. We must be
    able to work in the hope that the lives of
    others will be better and contribute to
    the world through what we do. Together,
    let’s make a dream come true through
    sense of duty where the company's
    performance becomes the joy.